Windows: How to connect Nokia BH-503 bluetooth headset to your PC

Since I’m using the Nokia BH-503 more often on my Ubuntu Desktop PC. Thought of making a simple guide on how to connect your Bluetooth Headset in Windows System.


Uninstall all your bluetooth device driver from Device Manager and Programs in Control Panel. (if there’s any installed) Then download the Bluetooth driver with A2DP support for your windows system which I managed to find in the Internet. “Use this as a combo-driver” (Link provided below) download and unzip the file, run/install the .EXE program and follow the instructions. Next, plug in your branded or generic USB Dongle into your usb port then windows will install the additional driver needed for your bluetooth. If Not or if you have the exclamation mark in your device manager, right-click the device and select “Update Driver Software” choose “Browse my Computer for Driver Software” then goto the downloaded unzip folder you did previously and navigate to “csr-bluetooth-driver” folder and press OK.


Now, if everything works according to plan you’ll see them in your Device Manager properly installed.

Now, power-up your Nokia BH-503 bluetooth headset and add it to your bluetooth device.

But, where not done yet. Navigate to your Control Panel –> Sounds or right-click from your icon speaker in system tray taskbar choose Sounds then select the Bluetooth Headset and adjust the necessary settings. That’s about it!

Tried and tested on Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows 7 Ultimate all in 32-bit Desktop PC and using 4 different generic usb bluetooth dongle. However, pairing the bluetooth headset on my Laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate doesn’t require me to install any driver at all. I guess, the BT driver on the laptop already supports A2DP.


Download: Bluetooth A2DP (Link Fixed)

19 responses to “Windows: How to connect Nokia BH-503 bluetooth headset to your PC

  1. i think the above guide is for vista and 7 only . i’m trying to connect with winxp pro. but it doesn’t show as in sound and video game controler as above in the image. any guide for winxp plz


  2. Great stuff . Recently i had purchased BH 503 and its not working well with my LG cell phone. So i need to configure it with PC . I had just come across your post. The good I like is that you had provided A2DP link just below the post. Easy to download.

  3. Hi,
    While updating driver using the files present in zip folder, windows prompt that it has already installed the best driver and not installing the files present in the folder. Can anyone help it ?

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